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Weekly Specials on Tanning Products

Power Player DHA Bronzer by Devoted Creations 9oz.
DC Glow 13.5 oz. By Devoted Creations
Awestruck Bronzer By Designer Skin 13.5 oz.
Truly Hot Bronzer 13.5 oz.
Fearlessly Bronze 8.5 oz By Australian Gold
Luau Black 200X Bronzer

$19.95 $68.00

Flash Black 3000X 12oz.
Forbidden Romance Hot Bronzer 11 oz.

New Lotions Recently Added to Our Store

Tan Incorporated Maui Mojito After Dark Tan Extend
Tan Incorporated Cabo Colada After Dark DHA Tan Ex
Daiquiri Dream After Dark Tan Extender 18 oz
Australian Gold Men's Face & Body Wash 8.5 oz
Australian Gold Men's Body Lotion 8.5 oz
Snooki BONITA TAN  Bronzer 9 oz
Hemp Nation Cocoa Dreams Body Wash 8 oz
Hemp Nation Aloe & Ocean Water Tan Extender 18 oz
California Tan
Tan Incorporated
Designer Skin
Devoted Creations
Fiesta Sun
Ed Hardy
Australian Gold

Tanning Lotion Warehouse

Tanning Lotion Warehouse offers all brands of sun tan lotion and indoor tanning lotion products at a big discount. In addition, we now offer an easy-to-use shopping cart system to make purchasing our sun tan lotion and tanning products and supplies a very quick, easy, and effortless process.

We look forward to serving all of your needs by offering a huge selection of suntan lotion and suntan oil as well as other indoor tanning bed lotion products and supplies.

With hundreds of different tanning lotions available today, knowing which to buy can be a struggle for someone new. If you are new to tanning beds and tanning lotions, there’s a good chance you are not buying and using the right tanning product.

At Tanning Lotion Warehouse, we believe in educating our customers to enable them to make informed choices every time they decide to buy a product from our online store. This is why we have listed down the answers to some of the most common questions people have about tanning lotions.

Are there any specific benefits of tanning in a tanning bed?

Tanning beds were designed to mimic the ideal environment needed for the perfect tan. Although they are designed to allow cosmetic tanning, a lot of people say that they not only look better but also feel good when they have a tan in a bed.

Do tanning lotions speed up the tanning process?

The products listed on Tanning Lotion Warehouse were all designed to provide your skin with the right ingredients, vitamins, and other necessary elements to help you tan faster and darker. So yes, they do indeed speed up the process through something called cosmetic bronzers.

Why do people say indoor tanning is ‘smart’?

Indoor tanning allows you to maximize the tanning results while cutting down on the risk of sunburn, plus you get the full enjoyment of getting a tan. This is a smart way to tan because the salon staff are well trained and can easily tell how your skin will react to sun exposure and certain ingredients. This not only saves you from sunburn but also helps you develop a better tan.

Why are branded tanning lotions better than the ones available at drugstores?

Branded or designer lotions are made with special ingredients, vitamins, and other elements that give your skin the nourishment it needs to produce a better-looking tan. Over-the-counter tanning lotions do not have the crucial ingredients and vitamins needed for the perfect tan.

Furthermore, the lotions available at a drug store do not replenish as effectively any lost moisturization that happens during the tanning process. Branded lotions were specifically made for indoor tanning, thus they are far better than the ones found at a supermarket.

If you tan better without a lotion, do you still need one?

The belief that you can tan better without a lotion can easily be rectified once you understand the full tanning process. For instance, UV exposure can severely dehydrate the skin which can lead to unwanted side effects.

Tanning lotions help replenish any lost moisture during the process, thereby not only improving your results but also preventing side effects. Moreover, you will get a darker tan much faster than without a lotion. Tanning this way also improves the overall life of the tan.

Why does my tingle tanning lotion not produce the ‘tingle’ effect anymore?

If you love the tingle effect from tingle lotions, and you often use them to get a tan, there is a good chance that your skin might have acclimated to the tingle and won’t feel the sensation anymore from the heat. The best way to remedy this is to switch the product and try something else.

How does the tingle effect work? What does it actually do?

Tingle tanning lotions produce a warm and reddening effect on the skin. This happens due to the active ingredient Benzyl Nicotinate. These lotions often increase the microcirculation and oxygenation of the cells to help produce a darker tan.

Tingle lotions are meant to be used by advanced tanners only and must not be used by those who have sensitive skin type. These products are also very effective in areas that are hard to tan such as the legs.

As with all tingle lotions, you must take extra care while handling them and must keep them away from the reach of children and pets.

What is a dual bronzer and how does it work?

A dual bronzer provides bronze gratification from cosmetic bronzers such as DHA, caramel, and walnut extracts. These oxidize after a few hours with natural proteins in the skin and helps you produce a deeper and darker tan. You have to wait at least 4 hours after applying the bronzer to see results.

How can you stop the tingle effect on the skin?

You can stop the tingle effect by using a stop action product that is usually held by most tanning salons. If you do not have one immediately available, you can also use a daily moisturizer to reduce the heat sensation from the product.

This does not completely stop the effect but will help you reduce it. You can also take a shower with cool water and use a mild soap to ease the effect. When under the effect, never use warm or hot water because it will end up opening the skin pores and that could lead to intense tingle sensations on the skin.

Why do circles on your shoulder, buttocks, and lower waist not tan?

These points are called pressure points because this is where the most amount of pressure is present in your body when you recline on a bed. The blood flow is usually constricted in these areas and this is why they don’t tan easily. The best way to have them tan is to alternate your positions when lying in a tanning bed.

Are there any benefits of using tanning lotions with hemp seed oil?

Yes, hemp seed oil pulls moisture from the air to the surface of your skin. It is a very powerful ingredient that provides hydration to your skin. Because UV exposure can dry out your skin, it plays a crucial part in keeping it well moisturized.

The hemp seed oil also contains essential fatty acids and other important ingredients that directly penetrate the lipid layer of the skin to produce better results.

Can you use tanning lotion on your face?

The skin on your face is much more delicate than the rest of your body and that means it is prone to allergic reactions. In fact, fragrances from the lotion commonly cause cosmetic allergic reactions on the face.

This is why we do not recommend using tanning lotions on your face. You can, however, find and buy lotions that are specifically made for delicate skin, or you can try a lotion without fragrance in it.

Will showering change tanning results?

A lot of people are misinformed about taking a shower after a tanning session. They are usually led to believe that their tan would wash down if they take a shower. While you can’t really wash away the tan, you can still dry out your skin by taking a shower.

This happens because the skin has a slightly acidic profile on the pH scale and most soaps you use are well above the neutral pH. By using a simple soap, you will end up stripping your skin of its acidic oils. These oils are very important because they help in retaining moisture.

Although it is completely fine to take a bath after a tanning session, we highly recommend using a shower gel that is formulated to protect your tan. Make sure to apply a moisturizer after taking a shower to help preserve the tan.

Moreover, there is enough evidence available that showering before a tanning session actually yields better results. But you have to take a warm shower to produce these results because warm or hot water will help open the skin pores, enabling it to breathe and take in oxygen which is vital for the process.

Secondly, a shower before your session will help wash away the dirt and dead skin cells that impede ultraviolet penetration. Removing the dead skin cells will also allow active ingredients of tanning lotion to work their way easily into your live skin cells.

How do you protect a tattoo?

Never expose a fresh tattoo to UV light because while it is still healing because the chemicals injected into the skin are sensitive to UV exposure. Cover the tattoo completely and avoid getting a tan until the skin has been fully healed.

After the skin has been healed, the chemicals within the tattoo ink lose their sensitivity to UV light. But this does not mean that you should not protect your tattoo because they continue to lose their brilliancy when exposed to UV light. And it doesn’t matter if those rays come from the sun or the tanning bed.

One good way to protect your tattoo is to use a lip balm with SPF 15. Another option is to buy a tanning lotion that has been designed to protect a tattoo.